Ray Brown is the principal director of Regency Design Centre, a leading design studio which has continued to provide excellence in building and design services since it was founded in 1972. Throughout a wide and multifaceted career Ray has become a well-known figure, not just in the industry but also in the wider community through his philanthropic and organisational work.


Starting out as a draftsman, Ray was driven to learn more about the construction of the buildings he was designing. Shifting his focus, he gained valuable first-hand experience on building sites learning the fundamentals and practicalities of construction and receiving a master builders licence in the process.


After initially operating for many years as a combined design and construction business the focus of Regency Design Centre has gradually changed towards that of a building design firm able to consolidate years of construction knowledge into every design produced. Over the course of nearly 50 years Regency Design Centre has become an established name in the Western Sydney area, winning numerous awards for a wide variety of jobs completed both locally and throughout NSW.



Ray Brown’s vision and desire to make a difference has seen him take frequent roles in various volunteer organisations and leadership positions including:

Master Builders Association:

Building Designers 

Association of Australia:

The Hills Shire Council:

- Division President

- Chapter President

- State President

- National President

- Judge For Hills Building & Design Awards

- Councillor

- Deputy Mayor/Acting Mayor

Advance Australia Party:

- Founder and Party Leader

This broad range of experience is evident in each project undertaken by Regency Design Centre and has been instilled and infused along with the unique experiences and skills of the talented building designers who may work on your project.


Drawing on inspiration from a well-known Australian volunteer group, the mantra:

“Do it once - Do it Well. Build a better Australia”

has become one of the guiding principles that drives what we do.

We don’t cut corners and will approach your project with the respect and diligence required to provide the outcome you desire. 



We believe that though there are many components to design, 

a good design is one that can hold everything in balance.

Your project can be as elaborate or esoteric as you would like,

but we understand that most people are simply looking for a solution to a problem.

A solution might look like a modest extension for an expanding family or perhaps a brand new dwelling

or a building for a business. It is our aim to help you solve your problem and give you the best outcome.


We pride ourselves on spending the time and effort to gain an understanding of your needs so that with

our experience we can deliver a solution with an outcome greater than initially imagined. In doing this we treat each

job is if it were our own and work hard to ensure that your experience will be enjoyable - helping you understand your dream and vision through the lens of our experience as we walk you through the entire process.


Though times and technology have changed since the humble beginnings of Regency Design Centre in the back

room of the carpet shop belonging to Ray’s father, the principles that it was founded on have stayed a constant.


Regency Design Centre has continued to provide holistic, quality building design services for the hardworking

families of Western Sydney and the community of the Hills Shire area with diligence and integrity. We have helped many clients find the design solution they were looking for and we look forward to helping you too.


Although every project is different we have found that they often follow a similar pattern that can be broken down into the following stages.

Each stage has its own unique challenges and must be approached in a specific way, which is why the experienced team at Regency Design Centre are well positioned to guide you through the entire process.

Most projects will follow a similar pattern which will generally start with initial client contact and discussion to determine what you might be wanting to achieve

Detailed concepts and even sketched out ideas might be helpful at this stage, but don’t worry if all you have is an idea as almost all concepts will still need to be refined later on anyway.

We will then start working on a concept plan, which for accuracy may involve obtaining a survey plan or measuring any existing structures on the site. We willl also start researching the project to determine the various constraints and opportunities unique to the site such as building codes and council requirements or capitalising on scenic views and building orientation to allow for passive solar design 

After the concept has been agreed on, we can begin working on the Development Application (DA). At this stage additional information may be required such as reports and certificates from industry professionals or changes to be made to the plans. After council requirements have been met the application may be lodged and if successful then Development Consent will be approved. This Development Consent only represents approval for the concept of what has been proposed, before building can begin Construction Certificate approval must be granted.

The final stage of the design process is obtaining a Construction Certificate (CC) approval which involves showing in detail what is to be built and how. The plans will be more in depth than the DA plans and will take into consideration any requirements that council might have imposed when granting DA approval. After CC approval has been granted construction can begin.